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David Wood Empower Network


Interested in David Wood’s and David Sharpe’s Empower Network? I was first introduced to both of them as I first began on my journey into Internet Marketing. I’ve purchased courses and have taken trainings from both of them, and I have learned a lot. So, of course I automatically thought that I should see what was available in David Wood’s Empower Network.

What David Sharpe and his partner, David Wood are up to is creating a platform to assist marketers involved with marketing any business opportunity online using core fundamentals like blogging to generate commissions from sales of products and services.

Just Google the name: David Wood. Or better yet go on Facebook and visit some MLM, Multi level Marketing, Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Marketing Success or Money Making pages, groups or events and I’m sure that you will see the name David Woods pop up again and again. Here’s a guy who was homeless and living in his van at one time and is now considered an Internet marketing god!

I found it very interesting during their pre-launch, and continues to be primarily positioned as a “100% Commission” program without telling the details of the product or system behind it. I must admit, I was intrigued by the Empower Network pre-launch buzz. I didn’t want to miss out on ‘the thing that I didn’t know what it was’. But I was also very eager to get a full understanding before committing.

But I found some very big errors and flaws within it!

1.) Its very very vague. When you get into this program theres not much going on as far as “WHAT TO DO”. So you get in and watch the first video which tells you to watch the next video and it continues for the next hour or so.

2.) You have to set up your own merchant account, now this isn’t the problem this is a good thing. Doing this is how you get 100% commissions deposisted directly into your bank account! But the bad thing is anyone who has never set up any thing like a merchant account will be almost lost in completing the applications process. Answering question that some who haven’t been in business long wouldn’t know the answers too

3.) The viral blogging system is not so viral; within the empower network they tell you “BLOG DAILY” which is great its fine to ‘Blog daily’ but it doesn’t really get results with out driving traffic to your own blog. Yes your content could be shared but is very rare because if your not using the system itself to give content and just to sell then you will not see results from your blogging efforts.

So how can you fix this?Well its easy, the empower network is a great opportunity to earn money if you know what your doing, if your looking into it you must know ALL the Good and ALL the bad of actually being within it so you can start seeing decent results as well and get into profit as fast as possible!

Look for a great team to join that can help you get to where you need or would like to be that can teach you how to generate leads on a daily basis an bring those people in at the highest level possible for maximum commissions for you.

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